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I’m 16 years old– a digital, social media native.

The past two years I have interned at Antica Farmacista and multiple offices in New York, where I have learned about marketing and social media to help brands reach their audiences effectively, create content without blowing their budget, and to drive sales.

Through passion and experience, I have developed an informative plan for brands to optimize their business across platforms. The future of success of companies and brands lies in their ability to understand and capture consumers like me. Allow me to share what I have learned and what I have seen work!

This summer I hosted multiple seminars in the Seattle area and began presenting to private offices in New York and Seattle.  I offer private personal and office sessions at an hourly rate. Please contact me for more details and pricing!



Hello! I’m Decca.

A friend of my parents once described me as a renaissance woman. When he first mentioned this, I had not yet learned about the renaissance but a renaissance woman sounded like someone I wanted to be.

A renaissance woman is defined as, “a woman who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field.”  I like to think of this as someone who has many random interests or skills.  My interests vary from playing the guitar to walking on a slackfline to doing yoga to reading to taking photos.

Above all, my greatest interest is business and fashion and through unique opportunities and experiences, I have learned a lot about the two.  As a Gen Z, I have a strong passion for social media and a unique perspective on marketing.  Check out my “Biz” page to learn more about my social media consulting business.

Despite my many interests, my family, friends, and travel bring the most meaning to my life and without that I would not be who I am. Explore my site to learn about my business, my travels, and what inspires me.