Ultimate Berlin Guide
February 2022


Generator Hostel:

  • Location: Mitte Neighborhood
  • Rooms: private six person bunk rooms (€18 per person) or private one bedroom (€99 per room).
  • Highlights: stylish design, clean rooms, vibrant bar with €5 euro cocktails during happy hour, a cafe, courtyard, and library.



  • Father Carpenter:   A Nordic coffee house with an incredible, seasonal brunch menu and some of Berlin’s best specialty coffee.
  • House of Small Wonder: Japanese-inspired brunch dishes with organic, local ingredients. Rustic, plant-filled space. Go early, they fill up!
  • What Fancy Do You Love?: Trendy cafe with juices, homemade bagels, smoothies, yogurt or chia bowls. Casual vibe with first come, first serve tables. 
  • Funk You Casual, health cafe with sandwiches, smoothies, juices, coffees, and vegan treats. Als
  • Geist Im Glas: Known for craft cocktails, creative brunch dishes (dulce de leche pancakes or huevos rancheros), and a swanky interior.
  • Bonanza: Supposedly the best cup of coffee in Berlin.


  • Hofbräu Wirtshaus Berlin: An authentic German Biergarten with staff in lederhosen, beer steins, Bavarian food, benches, & live music. The Weinerschnitzel here and pretzels were amazing. 


  • No Bananas: Turkish restaurant with creative small plates and main dishes.
  • Transit: Casual, Asian Fusion restaurant with tapas, noodle dishes, and bowls. 
  • Zola: Trendy Italian pizzeria with funky decor. Option to take out or eat on the deck.
  • Nauta: Unique setting for beautiful Peruvian food and craft cocktails
  • Joseph: Innovative Israeli Food in a cool, casual space. 
  • **I have not been to the last five but they were recommended by local girls**

Must-Try Foods:

  1. Currywurst: A Berlin specialty. Bratwurst (German sausage), topped with curried ketchup and fries. There are stands all over the city. The famous spot to try this is Curry 61.
  2. Döner Kebab: Berlin is Germany’s “kebab capital” so there are over a 1000 stands. Fun Fact, Döner Kebabs are a modern take on Turkish kebab, developed in Berlin by Turkish immigrants after WWII. It’s a pita stuffed with rotisserie meat, salad, cabbage, and sauce. The famous place is Mustafa’s Gemuese Kebab.
  3. Schnitzel: One of the most famous and delicious German Dishes. This is like fancy fried chicken. It’s a pounded, breaded and fried cutlet, more often made of pork and veal. Typically served with a slice of lemon and french fries. You should be able to find this at every Bavarian restaurant and even McDonalds.

Late Night/ Bars:

  • Mein Haus am See 
  • Kitty Cheng 
  • Neue Odessa Bar 
  • Clash
  • Que Pasa
  • **Limited options due to covid restrictions and most required reservations** 


  1. Berlin Wall Memorial: There are sections of the wall throughout the city but you can visit the morial to see a 1.4-kilometer preserved stretch.
  2. Brandenburg Gate: A symbol of unity and peace since the Cold War era.
  3. Holocaust Memorial: 2700 stone columns in a maze-like shape to commenterate Holocaust victims. 
  4. Hitler’s Bunker (MUST!): Audio, walking tour through 44 mini- rooms in the bunker. Covers the history of Hitler’s life, rise to power, & suicide, WW2, and the Holocuast. Chilling but we learned a ton. Carve out an hour at least for the audio tour of the bunker. 
  5. Checkpoint Charlie Museum: Cold War and East-West border landmark and informative museum. 
  6. Museum Island: This is a small island in the river with five art and history museums. Beautiful inside and out. 
  7. East Side Gallery (MUST): A section of the Berlin Wall that is now dedicated to street art. It is the longest open-air gallery in the world. There are over a 100 paintings, most with a historical or political significance. This was a major highlight. of my favorite
  8. Berliner Fernsenhturm/ TV Tower: tower designed during the communist era with an observation deck, restaurant/ bar, and 360 view of the city.  


  1. Mitte: The Heart of Berlin. Cute cafes and cool boutiques. Brimming with art galleries and historical sites, and walking distance to museum islands
  2. Kreuzberg: “Hipster Heaven.” This was once the center of the West Berlin Punk scene. It’s now home to edgy bars & clubs, and cool restaurants.
  3. Prenzlauer Berg & Friedrichshain: Both known for stylish restaurants & cafes, boutiques, and famous techno-clubs.


  • Schonhauser
  • Spreeheidi
  • Kauf Dich Gluckich
  • Schee
  • Storia
  • Augusta
  • So:da
  • Archive Thrift
  • Telegrapher’s Laboratory
  • Ge Concept Store
  • Adddress/
  • Adidas
  • North Face
  • Carhartt 
  • Platte
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