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March 2022



The spirit of St. Moritz is impossible to capture in words or photos. The natural beauty, gracious people, and infectious energy of both make this one of the most special places I have ever visited.
First famous for its healing mineral waters, St. Moritz is argued to be the birthplace of winter sports tourism, beginning in the 1860s. Since, St. Moritz has become Switzerland’s crown jewel and the world’s “top” alpine holiday destination. St. Moritz has hosted two winter Olympics, including the second ever in 1928. Now, they draw travelers year round for alpine sports and other outdoor activities, eating, shopping, and partying.
Skiing the Swiss Alps could not be more majestic. Corviglia is 3000 meters in elevation with a wide variety of lifts and all-day sun. There are also countless restaurants with resident DJs, beautiful food, and sunny lounge areas. Corvatsch, another nearby mountain, has more challenging runs and arguably more beautiful views but only one restaurant.
The alpine experience is matched by a charming village and an amazing après ski scene. With a central location and luxury style, the town of St. Moritz is a melting pot of Swiss-German, Italian, and French culture. This shines through in the food, design, and the chic guests. The town is made up of Michelin star restaurants, high-end boutiques, traditional bakeries and cafes, wellness spas, art galleries, and night clubs.
There is no shortage of partying in St. Moritz. The bars and clubs in town are really fun but our favorite night was at an underground garage party with the locals. Most venues are open and vibrant from eleven until 5 in the morning. 


 Here is my guide for the best restaurants, clubs, and activities! 


Skiing: Corviglia is the closest mountain to St. Moritz with all day sun, a  range of great runs, and some of the best restaurants. Corvatsch is higher in altitude and has longer runs, a famous park, but only one restaurant. You can ski from Corvatsch to Corviglia. 
Lake St. Moritz: In the winer, you can walk across the frozen lake and/or ice skate.  In the summer, enjoy the path around the lake, paddle board, kayak or jump in.
St. Moritz Town: A tiny Swiss mountain town with designer stores, local boutiques, art galleries, palace hotels, incredible restaurants, late night clubs, and swiss patisseries.
Design Gallery: On the way to town, in the passageway between a parking garage and hotel is an art gallery with vintage posters. 
Spas: Before skiing grew in popularity, St. Moritz was famous for its healing mineral springs. There are multiple hotel spas and public wellness centers, including the OVAVERVA Pool, Spa & Sports Center.
Horseback Riding: St. Moritz is also the center for horseback riding in the alps. You can book directly through a family-owned stable or the hotels can organize a tour.
Olympia Bob Run: This is the world’s only natural bobsled run and the oldest in the world!


Lunch & Après:

  • Paradiso Mountain Club: amazing spot for house music, beautiful food and drinks, and great vibe. On the mountain. 
  • Alpina Hutte: really cool rustic bar with reggae music, amazing food, and a sunny deck. On the mountain. 
  • Edys: affordable and delicious local food in a lodge. On the mountain. 
  • Hahnesee: lunch in Corvatsch. Pizza, pasta, and other local options. On the mountain.
  • Restaurant Piz Nair: local food with a 360 view of Corvigila. On the mountain. 
  • Hanselmann: famous bakery and traditional lunch spot in town. 
  • Quattro Bar: cool bar by Audi with great music, drinks, and some snacks. closes around 4:30. On the mountain.   
  • Hauser Roo Bar: the most popular après bar in town with music, heaters, drinks, and snacks. open till 9pm.
  • La Gondla: a local après spot in a dismissed gondola in town. cool music and people here. 


  • Hauser: Swiss restaurant in the heart of the town with the busiest après bar outside.
  • La Gondolezza: fondue and raclette in a tiny, dismissed gondola with only 7 tables.
  • La Stalla: fondue and Italian food in a fun environment. 
  • Veltlinerkeller: local food and a cozy interior in the heart of town. 
  • Banfi’s: authentic Italian food.
  • Balthazar: $$ italian food but amazing interior
  • Dal Mulin: Michelin star with Swiss food and speciality wine. 
  • Sunny Bar: oldest bar in St. Moritz with ceviche & puruvian food by celebrity chef, only open in the winter.
  • Dumplings In Altitude: winter pop-up with creative dumplings, drinks, and a cool space. above the Vivai club.
  • Hato: modern sushi and Japanese food.  
  • Kulm Country Club: home of the first olympic games.
  • Chelsea Al Parc: elegant restaurant with swiss food and special fondue evenings in the Kulm Hotel.

Bars & Clubs:

  • Vivai Club:  late night dance club that is active until 5am
  • Stubli Bar: traditional pub with live music and well priced drinks.
  • Bobby’s Pub: a traditional pub that is known for having the youngest crowd in St. Moritz.
  • Bailando: latin & techno club. this was my favorite !
  • Dracula: private club, need to be invited
  • King’s Social House: late night dance club but drinks are $$
  • Sky Bar: rooftop bar with a modern design and amazing views of St. Moritz. there’s also a rooftop spa here!

Swiss Foods to Try:

  • Fondue!! Try at La Stalla or La Gondolezza or Paridso on the mountain.
  • Raclette: similar to fondue but sliced cheese melted and scraped on toppings.
  • Rosti: thinly grated and fried potatoes, like hash browns, usually served with eggs and bacon. Try at Edys or Alpina Hutte.
  • Capuns: chard leaves filled with Spätzle dough, bacon, and a creamy vegetable sauce.
  • Swiss Chocolate: everywhere in every form !!  Try at Läderach, a “chocolate boutique” in town.
  • Tartiflette: layered and baked potatoes, onions, and cheese.
  • Pizokel: dumplings cooked with cheese, sausage, and cabbage.


  • Budget: St. Moritz Youth Hostel. Breakfast included, half-price ski passes, and discounts on rentals.  
  • Mid: Hotel Steffani or Crystal Hotel.
  • High End: Badrutt’s Place Hotel, Klum Hotel, or Survetta House. 

St. Moritz Photos:


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