Books I Read In 2021

I’m not the best at sitting still… but I could lay around all day and read. Between travel, my injury, and covid, I read more than ever last year than ever before. I absolutely loved the majority of these books and wanted to share my list (not ranked). I added comments and names of those who shared some of these with me- thanks to y’all!

Organized in the order I read them:

1.Emergency Contact
Love story about two students that go to UT.


2.Green Lights
McConaughey’s book. I started with the audiobook and then read it. Highly recommend both. Recommended by my mom.


3.The Great Alone
Beautiful historical fiction novel about Alaska in the 1970s.


4.Make Your Bed
An extended version of Admiral McRaven’s UT commencement speaker. He shares ten principles from navy seal training.


5. Reason for God
This book covers the most common doubts about Christianity and emphasizes the inclusivity of faith. Recommended by Jordan.


6.Beneath a Scarlet Sky
Historical fiction book based on a true story of an Italian teenager during WW2. Recommended by my dad.


7. 12 Rules for Life
Life advice & interesting theories from psychologist Jordan Peterson. Recommended by Jordan.


8. The Choice
Incredible Holocaust survivor story and beautiful biography with important lessons on psychology.


9. Screwtape Letters
Thought-provoking book on religious satire. Recommended by Jordan.


10. The Library Book
The author tells the story of the 1986 LA library fire while sharing the history and significance of libraries. One of my absolute favorites.


11. Purpose, Meaning, and Passion
Harvard Business Review book on simple ways to find or increase purpose, meaning, and passion in everyday life and work.


12. Into the Wild
Wild, chilling story about a hitchhiker in Alaska. Recommended by Cole Kocurek.


13. In 5 Years
Page-turning love story about a girl in NYC.


14. Man Search for Meaning
Inspiring holocaust survivor story by Victor Frank, focused on finding meaning in suffering.


15. Start-Up Nation
Favorite business book of the year. Inspiring stories and history of the success of the economy, politics, and history in Israel. Recommended by Shauna Swerland.


16. The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue
Beautiful historical fiction novel that I wish I read slower. Recommended by Sydney Srnka.


17. Malibu Rising
Page-turning novel by one of my favorite authors.


18. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
Cute romance story about an “odd” girl that reminded me of myself haha.
19. We Were Liars
Suspense novel about a family on a private island.
20. The Last Mrs.Parish
Psychological thriller. Super creepy but I couldn’t put it down. Recommended by Stella Hermelee.
21. The Midnight Library
Fantasy, historical fiction novel. Cool idea but not my favorite.
22. The Evening & the Morning
The prequel to one of my all time favorites, “Pillars of the Earth.” Recommended by my dad.
23. All Your Perfects
My favorite Colleen Hoover book. I read it in a day. Recommended by Sydney Rezai.
24. It Ends with Us
Another great Colleen Hoover book.
25. One of Us is Lying
Mystery novel about a murder during high school detention. Page-turner with great characters.
26. I Hate Running & You Can Too
Recommended by a stranger when I was injured / on crutches. This is a must read for runners!!
27. Life of Pi
My favorite book this year. Such an amazing story. Recommended by Liam Dammeier.
28. Invisible Women
Powerful book on feminism about data bias in a world designed for men.
29. The Un-Honeymooners
Cute story but too cheesy for me.
30. Sharp Objects
Crazzzzyyy psychological thriller by the author of “Gone Girl.”
31. Ugly Love
Another Colleen Hoover haha.
32. Klara & the Sun
Really interesting science fiction novel about a dystopian society and the future of AI.

33. People We Meet on Vacation
Cute but cheesy. Easy to read.

34. Think Again
Very compelling book about creativity, curiosity, and re-thinking.

35. Signs
Beautiful book about spirituality and omens. Recommended by Desmond Holiday.
36. The Last Thing he Told Me
Decent drama/ mystery but not very special.
37. Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
I re-read this because it’s one of my all time favorites.
38. The Kitchen Front
Really cool WW2 book about four women in a cooking competition.
39. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
I needed this book last year and probably need to re-read it every year. Recommended by Jordan and Parker Seizemore.
40. Beach Read
Easy to read but not my favorite.
41. Good Company
Family novel. Good but not super unique.
42. Verity
Thriller by Colleen Hoover. Another page-turner.
43. The Startup Wife
Fun book about the startup journey.
44. Think Like a Monk
The most impactful book I read this year or ever. I think I am a more peaceful, happier, kinder person since reading it.
45. 10% Happier
I loved this book. Focuses on inner talk and daily practices to live freely without losing ambition.
46. Crying in H Mart
This one made me cry. Super powerful story about a Korean family.
47. Something Borrowed
Cute love story. Recommended by Luici Raisys.
48. Untamed
Glennon Doyle’s memoir that strives to empower women.
49. Great Gatsby
Fun to read & learn the story because somehow I never did in school.
50. Defining Decade
SO good. Must read for anyone in their 20s and their parents. Recommended by Mary McNulty.
51. Dune
Really interesting but not my favorite.
52. Atlas of the Heart
Brene Brown’s new book. Amazing analysis of human emotions. I learned a lot.
53. Bright Lights, Big City
The first book I’ve read that’s written in 2nd person. Cool, funny story about life in NYC. Recommended by my dad.
54. The Alchemist
Inspiring, heart-warming books that made me even more excited about every past, present, & future dream. Recommended by Kyle Kaough.
55. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
I absolutely loved this story and the author’s writing style. Recommended by Kyle Kaough.
56. One Day in December
Holiday love story because tis the season 🙂

57. Sum
SO COOL. A collection of fiction stories from the “afterlife.” Recommended by Brene Brown.
58. Layla
Another Colleen Hoover. She’s fool-proof.
59. The Lost Apothecary
Creative, fantasy novel with cool female characters in London in the 1700s and present day.
60. The Four Agreements
“A practical guide to finding personal freedom.” I LOVED this one.
61. Song of Achilles
Beautiful book and interesting adaptation of Homer’s Iliad.
62. Beautiful World, Where Are You?
Cool story and awesome writing style from an Irish Author.
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