Spring Break In Tokyo & Kyoto

There is a delicate balance between the modern and historic aspects of Japan with a harmonic rhythm that connects the two.  The culture, beauty, and stimulation is richer than any country I have ever experienced. Before my recent visit, I had never been to Asia, had not watched an episode of animé, and spoke not [...]

Hooked on Texas

I travelled to Texas 39 days ago and for the past 39 days, Texas is all I can think about.  Country music, double denim, cowboy boots, and tacos dance across my mind daily.  I’m obsessed. My mom and I visited Texas over president’s day weekend to tour colleges. Prior to visiting, I expected Austin and Dallas [...]

St. Barths Post Irma

Few places compare to St Barths.  The weather, crystal clear water, French food (and boys) create a Riviera experience in the Caribbean.  My family visited St. Barths for the first time in February of 2016 and it  did not take long for us to fall in love with the beautiful beaches, the charming town of [...]