Hello & welcome

Hello! I’m Declan Chapin.

Born and raised on Mercer Island, Washington, I currently live in Austin, Texas.  

I am a foodie, an avid traveller, a bookworm, an amateur photographer, and a health and wellness freak.

An entrepreneurial fire ignited when I started my first business in 5th grade.  As a high school freshman, I traveled to New York alone and briefly interned at multiple fashion and retail businesses.  At age sixteen, I applied my passion for creative marketing and my ”Gen Z” perspective by starting a social media consulting business. I hosted multiple seminars in the Seattle area and began presenting to private offices in New York and Seattle.  In the years since, I have consulted for small brands, interned at large firms, cashiered at my local grocery store, started a concession stand, and hosted a summer camp for high school students.

As a business student at the University of Texas, in Austin, I am majoring in Management Information Systems and minoring in Entrepreneurship.  Outside of school, I am constantly exploring Austin, trying new restaurants, and seeking out cool hotels. 

Check out my Austin page to see my favorite places in Austin and my current business.