About Me

Hello! I’m Declan Chapin.

A friend of my parents once described me as a “renaissance woman.” As a foodie, an avid traveller, a book worm, an amateur photographer, and a health and wellness freak, I believe this accurately describes me.

Above all, I am a business student at the University of Texas at Austin, fascinated by modern entrepreneurship and the psychology of business. Through unique internship opportunities and entrepreneurial experiences, I have learned a lot about the two. As a Gen Z, I have a strong passion for social media and a unique perspective on marketing. Check out my “social media consulting” page to learn more about the social media consulting business I started when I was sixteen.

Despite my many interests, my family, friends, and travel bring the most meaning to my life and without that I would not be who I am. Explore my site to learn about my business, my travels, and what inspires me!